Going Commando - day 11

Going Commando – day 11

Day 11: Thursday

Location: Millbrook

Session 6

We arrive at Millbrook to find a couple of rucksacks waiting for us.  As if running wasn’t hard enough, now we’re going to carry weights – 6 and 12 kilos.  We start off at a walk and build to a jog towards St Aubin.  I’m struggling but Adam keeps us going – with no stopping as we get to the Boat House and head back along the cycle track.  I leave my pack at Millbrook – you feel as light as air for about a minute until gravity kicks in again – but my hardcore training companion keeps his on as we head up to the Fregate… stopping briefly to catch our and then back to Millbrook.  ‘One, two, one two’, Adam’s military training comes in handy to motivate us back to Millbrook and by the end of the running, we’re amazed at how far we’ve got.  Exhausted and tightly strung after our run, Adam gives us a stretching session in Millbrook park to cool down and loosen our muscles.  It’s incredible how you can build flexibility with some assisted stretching, and Adam uses his sports massage training to twist us into shape. While we’re not quite yoga-bendy, by the end of the session we’re certainly more supple than when we started.  And feeling good… but it might just be an early night all round.

What we did

Session 6 – Milbrook Park

  • Warm up (walk, gentle start to load carry)
  • Load carry/weighted run (St Aubin to the Fregate cafe and back)
  • Cool down
  • Flexibility session (PNF stretching)



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