1. Our publications and services should amuse, entertain & educate.

2. We will work harder and use more imagination than other local media producers.

3. Love our clients! We will listen and learn from them. We will not harass, harang or pester like other media are known to.

4. We will employ no lazy production methods, use photocopied content, fuzzy images or sub standard production that you see in other magazines.

5. Content is king. We will not fill our magazine with advertising. Others are half advertising, we will have a minimum 75% editorial content.

6. We will clearly design and define our offering, categorise and specialise. No muddled or confusing layout with random ads all over the place.

7. We will grow and extend our brand using the same brand values and apply it to all relevant markets.

8. We work for the love first, the money second and charge less than our competitors for a better product.