Going Commando - day 15

Going Commando – day 15

Monday: Day 15

Session 9: Aquasplash

We’re in the pool again.  More underwater, which I’ve decided I don’t like.  Especially as they’ve dropped the deep end to a dizzying nearly 4 metres….  Never mind, Adam’s thought up more fiendish water-based exercises for us which includes making our way up and down the pool with our bottoms balanced on a float, doing breaststroke arms.  It’s quite a sight, especially when Adam pits us against each other and gets us to race.  With exhausted post race arms (and a few scratches from our desperate finish line battle), Adam’s got the next activity planned.  Push ups on the pool side with our wobbly arms for one of us, while the other one heads back up and down the pool with a float clamped between our legs, just using our arms in a front crawl.  Adam calls it ‘wind-up’ arms, and it nearly kills us… literally in my case – I need to work on my front crawl co-ordination and end up spluttering and flailing in the deep end.  Then it’s legs only, holding on to the float. When we’re really exhausted – the final challenge. A ‘running man’ treading water timed exercise in the deep end, whilst holding our floats out of the water.  We feel like Marines when we’re finished.  Rah.

What we did

Session 9 – Swimming Pool

  • Warm up (8 steady lengths various strokes)
  • Underwater challenge
  • Skulling lengths
  • Seated breaststroke and reverse fly
  • Underwater brick push
  • Circuit – exercise and swimming stations (wind up arms, speedy legs only, front crawl, resisted breaststroke and reverse fly)
  • Running man float test
  • Water resisted shuttles
  • Cool down

For more details about Adam’s personal training courses, give him a call on 07797 743742 or check out his Facebook page AMPM Training.

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