At factory we’ve been distributing freesheet media in Jersey for almost 20 years. We’ve invested more than anyone in our network of stands and outlets and manage the process with real time tracking. We distribute to almost 300 outlets and Distro is the name of our specific delivery function.

On time, or in trouble.
We’ve been operating two monthly titles in Jersey for a decade and are conscious of the importance of timely production and delivery. We work to ensure all our titles and others that we distribute get to the right places at the right times, all year round.

In Distro we trust.
We’ve invested more than anyone in our network of stands and outlets. iPad real time tracking ensures we are updated constantly. We distribute to over 300 outlets a month already with our own driver and warehouse storage in town.

We make a stand
We manufacture our own stands for our suite of lifestyle titles. We have 50 of various shapes and sizes and vary the design depending on the needs of the outlet. Other freesheets rely on piggybacking and infighting is rife. By investing in our network, we have risen above the melle.

Working in Partnership
We would propose to work closely with our clients, current outlets, hoteliers and guest house owners and the Jersey Hospitality Association to ensure full distribution and client satisfaction along with ensuring all visitors are able to easily access JAG’s literature.

Distribution accuracy is paramount. We want to ensure each visitor has access to what we deliver but without too much waste. We track returns and print runs monthly to determine correct volume and inform production.

Our delivery routes are operated from Google apps sheets, live on an iPad in our Distro van. When deliveries are made, they are marked off the chart, accurately showing how many copies have been placed in each location. Returns are tracked in a similar way to ensure we’re optimising distribution.

If you’re looking for distribution services, email