When we set out to create a magazine for the wonderful island of Jersey our goal was simple; to create a progressive magazine that is both visually and editorially engaging to entertain a forward thinking readership. We’ve always had a bit of a thing against the term ‘lifestyle magazine’.

In Jersey in recent years it seems everyone with a printer and some sales banter has a lifestyle magazine. Big expensive ones, smaller cheap ones – Gallery is different. We actually care about the quality of what we produce. Now the longest established independent media title on the Island, Gallery is firmly positioned as the media of choice for stylish and forward thinking brands looking to reach Jersey’s discerning consumers.

How did it all start?

Back in the heady days of 2004 we realised that there was nothing we wanted to look at in terms of media in Jersey. We had the local paper, which whilst being OK at feeding day to day news, didn’t enthral us. Jersey’s ‘Number one weekly magazine’ only seemed to target housewives that watch TV and the selection of local magazines was pretty dire. So many seemed to enter the publishing market with big pockets and low standards looking to pile high, sell cheap and create advertising leaflets rather than magazines. We set about creating something that would be premium quality, both in terms of production value and editorial content but also be engaging, have a sense of humour and not be afraid to refresh the parts other Jersey media cannot reach.

The Facts

Gallery is A4. It is a full colour, market leading quality magazine that is the essential companion for the discerning Jersey resident. We’re more about mindset that age and we find gallery is consumed by those of all ages, with a core between 18 to 50. Gallery now runs at an organised and categorised 128 page average. Although we’ve grown, we’ve not compromised our content; Although we are advertising funded, we are also never more than one quarter full with advertising.

Each month Gallery is themed and is full of cultural and lifestyle features that include a fashion shoot using local fashion, models and stylists, beauty product and treatment reviews, home and property features and profiles, restaurant reviews and food features, local culture and music events reviews and listings, test drives and motoring pages, and a tri-annual recruitment special.

What could have been….

Before starting Gallery in 2004 we were playing around under another name. It seemed our Jersey advisors held us away from the sexual undertones of the first Gallery working title. We found this in an old folder, it’s part of our history so…