No, not New Jersey. No, we don’t have Whales.

It’s understandable that someone from the US could be a trifle confused when you say you’re from Jersey. They have a Jersey and, as with all things American, it’s bigger. Plus Bon Jovi come from there. And Bruce Springsteen. And the whole cast of Jersey Shore. Therefore, when an American makes a mistake about our little island, we chuckle and correct them. ‘No, it’s an island in the English channel, off the coast of France’. That makes more sense to an American because they’ve heard of Paris – that’s where the Eiffel Tower is and forms the spiritual centre of Europe for them. Liam Neeson went there in Taken and it’s where American gap yaaaar students spend their va-ca Today though, Trump had a geography based Twitter fail when he claimed to have met ‘The Prince of Whales’.

There is a strong chance that The Donald doesn’t know where Wales is, let alone how it’s spelt. Unless, of course, he also met some sort of mammal prince.

So, Donald, good luck in finding your prince. You probably don’t know where Jersey is anyway but if he’s here, look for him around the Corbiere area.