NewsBag your plastics again.

Bag your plastics again.

St Helier’s recycling collection and processing operation was suspended at the end of March as part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. You’ll have seen a van from Centrepoint trust following the bin lorry around but they’ve not had the capacity to sort our recyclables due to restrictions around the handling of the virus. Thankfully, the Constable has announced that St Helier’s kerb-side recycling service recommences on Monday. (1st June).

Parishioners are asked to leave their recycling for collection on the normal scheduled date. Anyone unsure of the collection date for their home can find all the relevant information on-line at or by phoning 811705. Parishioners are reminded of the importance of taking care when placing items in their recycling bags. The Parish’s recycling operation works to the highest standards and all recyclables are sorted and processed before being transported to a trusted partner in France, where the materials can be tracked into the recycling process, providing evidence and assurance of their end use. It is important for the safety of our staff and the integrity of our recycling process that recycling bags do not contain tissues or nappies. Other items that cannot be recycled include black plastics, yoghurt pots, cling film food trays, carrier bags and any items containing food remnants.

Full details of what can and cannot be recycled, can be found on-line at or by phoning 811705.

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