CultureGet funded by Arthouse Jersey!

Get funded by Arthouse Jersey!


ArtHouse Jersey is encouraging artists to come forward and apply for their quarterly funding initiative, with the next deadline for their Development Grants being midnight on Wednesday 1 May 2024. The wonderful arts charity provides financial assistance to local artists and artists linked to Jersey for creating new work or for the development of their creative process.

The guidelines and application form can be found on the Grants section of the ArtHouse Jersey website here and the total amount available for 2024 is £55,000. Small Development Grants are for awards below £1,500 for which there is a shorter application process. Large Development Grants are for awards between £1,500 and £5,000.

SOME SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS IN 2023… In 2023 the funding committee awarded 30 Development Grants for a variety of interesting projects. ArtHouse Jersey has invested in local creatives working in the disciplines of visual arts, drama, film, music, literature and more. Among those in the final round of successful applications in 2023 was a short film, music video, novel and educational theatre piece. Find out about them below….

Jonny Labey
‘We all scream’ short film

Jonny Labey is a freelance actor who was awarded a grant towards the creation of his short film ‘We all scream’. This project will be his debut as a film director and is inspired- by real events, focusing on the themes of mental health, community, toxic masculinity and hope.

“As a new film maker I couldn’t be more thrilled to be supported by ArtHouse Jersey for my short film ‘We All Scream’. We shall be making the film on island working with other aspiring filmmakers and now due to ArtHouse Jersey’s support we can start recruiting for what will be a joyous journey of storytelling and Ice Cream.”

Phoebe Over and Axon Bower
Music video for ‘Bus’

Phoebe Over and Axon Bower applied for a grant to create a music video for their new single ‘Bus’. They are singer/songwriters who have both released two singles over the past two years. They are currently travelling Australia and the narrative of the music video will use the backdrop of their journey. This grant will enable them to bring their creative vision to life and share it with a wider audience.

“Experience breaking life’s cycles in our new single ‘Bus’! We’re in Sydney filming a music video that explores the loops we get stuck in and the thrill of breaking free for new adventures. From routine loops to unexpected turns, we’re capturing these moments against Sydney’s backdrop. This video mirrors our journey from Jersey to Australia, symbolising our quest to break life’s cycles and embrace new routes.”

Marianne Adams
Debut novel

Marianne Adams is an English teacher and novelist who was awarded funding to support the process of self publishing of her debut novel and achieve her aim of becoming a published writer. The novel is a comedy about what teaching can be like and Adams hopes to remind people that teachers are real people with full lives that are funny and devastating in equal measure. The grant will support getting a professional edit of the novel before publication.

Sophie Martin
Theatre in Education play about sea safety

Sophie Martin is a singer and an actor with a degree in Musical Theatre. She is also a secondary school English and Drama teacher. Martin has been awarded funding to produce, write and perform a theatre in education piece in collaboration with the local Jersey coastguards. The play will tour primary schools and aims to teach children about beach and sea safety in an engaging and inspiring way.

“Receiving funding from ArtHouse Jersey has been pivotal in getting this theatre in education play off of the ground. Their support will now enable me to cover production costs, and artist fees. What was once a vision, has been turned into reality.”

Sam Falle
Music video

Sam Falle writes and performs music about Jersey. He has been awarded funding to create a music video for ‘Miles Off Course’ with his longtime collaborator Todd MacDonald. The song tells the story of the wreck of the SS Schokland, a vessel ferrying German troops through Jersey waters in January 1943, which struck the rocks and sank off Noirmont Point. The video aims to elevate the telling of this story by exploring the locations of the song and bringing into focus the drama of the event.

“With this grant from ArtHouse Jersey, we are now able to produce a compelling, powerful music video for our song ‘Miles Off Course’, bringing to life its story about a nautical disaster in wartime off the coast of Jersey. This video will play an essential role in encouraging streaming of the new Winterfalle album ‘Out of the Sea’, supporting us to grow our audience and sustain our momentum in 2024.”

Áine Daly & Jordan Cox
Short film

Jersey born filmmakers Áine Daly and Jordan Cox were awarded a grant towards the production of their short thriller film ‘Do What You Want’ which explores mental health issues, specifically experiences with OCD.

“Receiving funding from ArtHouse Jersey has allowed us to take our project to the next level. We’ve been able to secure our dream filming locations and now have the means to increase our production value, shooting the film exactly the way we had envisioned.”

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