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Take a deep breath

Russ Allchin, a local Wim Hof Instructor and prominent figure in the field of breathwork, recently climbed the snow-covered mountains of Poland. The challenging five hour trek, which took place on Mount Snêzka, involved navigating freezing temperatures as low as -12 degrees Celsius. Remarkably, Allchin, along with a group of 40 seasoned level two instructors who had been selected to climb, opted to
face the elements wearing only shorts and hiking boots

The excursion was part of a Wim Hof Instructors reunion training session, aimed at updating and sharing knowledge among experienced practitioners. Ross, who graduated from the instructors’ program in 2019, viewed the hike as a crucial element in testing and enhancing resilience to extreme cold conditions.
“All of us were happy to wear shorts to re-test our resilience to the cold and put our breathwork training to good use,” said Allchin. “Safety always comes first, and I loved the challenge.”

This event forms part of Ross’s ongoing commitment to professional development. His dedication to mastering breathwork, cold immersion, and cultivating a positive mindset is evident in his diverse range of activities both on and off the island.

Back in St. Ouens, Ross is eager to continue his mission of helping islanders unlock the benefits of breathwork. Having conducted over 60 official WHM workshops locally, and for various community groups, government departments, and professional companies, Allchin remains passionate about sharing the transformative power of breath. “I’ve been fortunate to work with a diverse range of islanders, from hospital staff and school teachers to managing directors and prison inmates,” Allchin noted. “Witnessing positive takeaways from these sessions is truly rewarding.

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