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Baby it’s Cold Outside…

WORDS Rebecca Evans

Excuse me for harking back to Christmas with the title, but don’t you wish we were still guzzling mulled wine, all wrapped up in bulky Christmas Jumpers? Unfortunately those little pleasures stopped being socially acceptable weeks ago, so whilst the weather remains chilly we need to find alternative ways to warm our cockles until spring arrives. For this month’s gadget run-down I’ve been investigating tools to raise the temperature.


There’s little in life that’s worse than having frozen feet, especially if your work or hobby involves spending a lot of time out in the cold. Designed with snow sports in mind, but suitable for anyone that likes a toasty toe, Lenz are putting their best foot forward in wearable tech.

These ergonomically designed socks feature comfort pads, breathable fabric and inbuilt heating elements, which connect directly to the lithium battery pack supplied and provide up to 14 hours of heat on the lowest setting, with a 5-7 hour recharge time.

The obvious problem of adjusting the heat settings and switching on and off when the socks are buried under bulky layers is solved by the compatible app and Bluetooth capability, allowing the wearer full control without the need to expose their extremities to the elements, and unlike other heated boot liners or insoles on the market, wearers can make the switch from ski boot to slippers without losing warmth.

Whether your winters are spent on building sites or black runs, a pair of Lenz socks are worth the investment.

The Lenz 1200 Lithium Pack & 1.0 Heat

Sock combination is £131 from




It’s not just us humans who feel the chill when the centigrades are in single figures. Despite their inbuilt fur coats, our four legged friends appreciate a cosy place to curl up just as much as we do.

Pamper your pooch or puss with the Art of Paws heated pet bed. This soft and snuggly pet pad warms up when your pet is in place, and automatically returns to a lower temperature once they’ve gone walkies, saving energy and reducing running costs. 

The bed features a removable and washable fleecy cover, internal thermometer to prevent overheating and a 2m cord with all important bite-proof coating.

Warning: The internal electrical wires must be kept dry, and there is no guarantee that your cat won’t prefer the box that it comes in.

The Art of Paws pet bed is available from www.amazon.co.uk at £44.97



As an occasional skier I’ve used a few hand warmers in my time, and if I’m honest they’ve been consistently underwhelming. Little sachets of sodium acetate that heat up to a degree or two above body temperature for 15 minutes, before you need to faff about boiling them in order to reset for next time. Who can be bothered with that when there’s Aprés to be enjoyed?

Luckily for those of us stricken with poor circulation, Zippo have officially upped the hand warmer stakes. Their sleek and stylish brushed steel pod works via a catalytic burner unit, is flameless and achieves up to 10x the heat of the competition, for up to 12 hours. Working best with Zippo lighter fluid, the warmer is supplied with a filler cup to save from spills, and a fleece carry pouch to prevent your skin from smouldering, this thing can get HOT. To reactivate after use, just top up with lighter fluid and go again.

Perfect for winter sports, chilly fishing trips or blustery winter walks along the coast, the Zippo hand warmer is a must buy for those who suffer from parky paws.

The Zippo Hand Warmer starts from £18.70 on www.amazon.co.uk



Ever since the launch of their iconic bagless vacuum cleaner, Dyson have continued to change the game in gadgets, from hand-dryers to hairdryers, and now heaters. Unlike a traditional fan heater, which makes a noise like an emphysemic tractor and serves only to superheat the 6 inches of air directly in front of it, the Dyson AM09 is quiet as a mouse, and harnesses specialised Air Multiplier technology to create a powerful and uninterrupted air stream which heats a reasonable sized room quickly and efficiently.

The intelligent thermostat will automatically power the heater off once the desired temperature has been reached, and start up again once the mercury drops. Settings can be adjusted using the supplied remote control, and the lack of blades or exposed heating elements make this heater perfect for households that contain inquisitive toddlers or curious cats.

There’s no need to pack this stylish device away when summer kicks in; it also works as a powerful fan. Cool.

The Dyson AM09 is £350 at

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