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Escape From Reality

Now that the bleak month of January is behind us are you looking for a fun and challenging way to entertain yourself?  Well, thanks to the clever people at Virtuality you now have access a vast catalogue of entertaining, exciting and diverse activities which can all be enjoyed whatever the weather.

Having transformed what was once home to Trek Plus up on Colomberie the team have six, soon to be seven, virtual reality suites within which a different experience is waiting to be had.  And worry not, this isn’t just for boys – there is something for absolutely everyone.


Two of the suites offer you the chance to get in the cockpit of either a commercial passenger plane or a Top Gun style fighter jet where you’ll be fully in charge of the controls from takeoff to landing.  Two more have you getting behind the wheel of either an F1 car, which you can race around any of the current F1 Circuits, or why not take a rally car offroading along a variety of challenging dirt tracks, the choice is yours.  


Whichever room you choose one of the fantastic instructors will guide you through the whole experience, being as hands on or off as your experience level dictates.  After strapping you into your motion platform mounted seat – which will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the experience, feeling every bump, bank, dip and corner – they’ll talk you through what you need to do to get the best out of your visit.  Of course, most people will just instinctively know what to do but I was very pleased to know someone was at my side, particularly when I managed to flip a Boeing 747 on its roof on landing…


If the high octane options don’t appeal then worry not as there are also two ‘library’ rooms where you can choose from a variety of different interactive single player games, a selection which is constantly being updated.  And if that doesn’t appeal why not indulge yourself and enjoy a simple moment of zen whilst meditating on a beach in the Maldives, anything is possible.


Virtuality can cater for a variety of different occasions and group sizes.  Whether you’re looking for somewhere to host a party, works event or even just fancy popping in during your lunch hour there are plenty of options available.  Should you wish to hire out the whole venue there’s room for up to 15 people and their event coordinator will make sure you’re well looked after.   The only thing the team do ask is that children are accompanied by an adult, in fact, if you’re under 13 I’m afraid you can’t use the suites at all but that doesn’t stop you heading along and surfing the internet on one of their open access terminals if you’re accompanying your siblings.

You can book any of the suites in half an hour blocks and prices start from £12.50.

They are open from 11am to 9pm, seven days a week including bank holidays.


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