Intro-Fantasy Issue

Intro-Fantasy Issue

Fantasy is such a moveable feast. From early childhood we dream, imagine, desire. It’s a drive that pushes us forward. Whilst the nature of the subject matter may change, an imagination is all you need to visit the things that you wish for and to experience. When I was about 13 I wanted nothing more than to grab the keys to my Lamborghini, pick up Helena Christiansen and go and spend the day at my own private skatepark with all my friends and the Bones brigade (Tony Hawk&co). Times have obviously changed and fantasies change as you get older.
Apart from that one maybe? I mean… she’s a photographer now right? she could take some shots…

Fantasies give you determination, a purpose. Whether monetarily generated, experiential or psychological, they are the waking dreams that take your mind off deadlines, overdrafts and being persecuted by your superiors; that world you enter as you prepare for sleep or as you zone out in particularly boring classes or meetings.

The irony is that, as you get older, fantasy is the ultimate case of ‘the grass is always greener’. When we’re young we fantasise about what we’ll achieve when we’re older; when we’re older we fantasise about things we did when we were younger. When you‘re lonely you dream of company and love, when you’re with company and in love you dream of independence. When you’re poor you dream of riches beyond compare. When you have riches beyond compare you dream of ….drug fuelled parties on yachts moored off the Dalmatian coast with movie stars and models… maybe? Maybe the ultra wealthy are the exception to the rule, I doubt they dream of poverty.

The continuous development of our fantasies is a natural process. As life changes you definitely learn to appreciate the more realistic satisfactions. Whilst I’ll probably never have a Lambo, I did get to drive one once and whilst I don’t skate with Tony Hawk I did meet him once at a party. I think sometimes touching fantasy is enough to make you appreciate the mildly more mundane nature of your reality.

This month we examine fantasy and welcome some new writers too. They look at dreams, revenge and fantasy role playing. We look at people that have fulfilled their fantasy of going it alone in business and fantasy food. Our shoot is pretty damn fantastical too.

I hope you enjoy the first Gallery of 2011. May all your dreams and fantasies come true this year… I’m off to pick up Helena.


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