Going Commando – week 7

It’s a busy week in the run up to magazine deadline, and we’re enjoying the break our sessions give us.  It’s amazing how working out actually gives you more energy, and we get back to our to-do lists re-motivated and ready to hit it all.  It’s the one benefit of exercising regularly that I wasn’t expecting.

We start off our week with a Monday morning pool session – lengths, underwater challenges and ‘hand walks’ up and down the pool edge followed by a few arms only lengths to really kill our muscles.  A leg-burn session follows on Wednesday – a few fiendish figure of eight circuits of West Park, up and down through the paths and steps from St Aubin’s inner road, down through the park and back up the last steep flight to Westmount Road.  ‘These steps are rather knackering aren’t they…’ said a bewildered man as I reached the top of the last flight, puce-cheeked and practically on my hands and knees. I didn’t have enough breath to explain, but Mr Passerby, if you’re reading this, I had actually just run up six other flights of steps and around the park… twice.

Thursday and we’re at Plemont – and no, not for our normal coffee & bacon roll, this time we’re rope climbing.  Adam’s strung a rope from the bridge and teaches us climbing methods.  Check out the videos on his Facebook page if you want to see how it’s really done…. After trying (and failing) to match Adam’s technique we did a few strength-building circuits on the sand – kettle bell swings, weighted squat jumps and deadlifts and then a barefoot agility circuit before carrying everything back up the steps…

Our last session of the week and my training partner’s cancelled with a hangover football injury, so I’m running up sand dunes by myself.  Backwards.  I’d never do anything like this without Adam encouraging and pushing me.  It works though, because later that day I’m out buying new jeans (because my old ones are skinny-no-longer) and it turns out I’ve dropped a size.  Bingo.  And it’s all thanks to Adam.

For more details about Adam’s personal training courses, give him a call on 07797 743742 or check out his website