Gallery 82: Welcome

Click to view the page turny goodness… it is on the streets, but we know it’s cold…

If music be the food of love I’m jammin’. We let Benny the Moth use our warehouse to rehearse their sets and they’re putting it down this evening as we wrap this, the first Gallery of 2012, firmly up. There’s nothing like foot tapping to the strums of a bass guitar as you’re tweaking designs and spotting grammatical errors. Nice.

So, Jersey, how have you been? It seems like ages since we saw you last. Some people think that, as we don’t do a January issue, that we all swan off to tropical climes, ride wild horses, drink excessively, attend break dance retreats, sword fight and suchlike. I’m sad to say I did none of those things… no, our annual January break has been busy as ever with the Christian gift giving holiday, planning our 2012, shuffling our team up and watching what everyone has planned for 2012.

Whether you’re Don Juan, Casanova or a fool in love, this month racks up the all important date. The 14th February is the day to get it right for your wife, earn brownie points from your boyfriend / girlfriend or pluck up the courage to call the number of that fittie you met a few weeks back in a drunken haze in The Yacht. Go on, facestalk them and friend request, who knows… you could end up out on Valentine’s Day in an awkward romantic explosion of an evening. Love could be in the air…

Love’s all over the place in Gallery this month. We have several views of the concept; Latin loving, Online dating, Lonely hearts, Love coffee, Love wine… and, er… Love juice (juice review, p90). We also check out the most romantic two seaters to take on the GalleryRally, now confirmed for the 8th -11th June and a great place to get away if you’re feeling flush and a bit bored of the island; Lucknam Park in Wiltshire. Worth saving up for (p44). We’re also supporting a few nights this month. We can’t say no, especially when promoters are trying hard. Look out for James Lavelle (of Unkle) at Live Lounge on the 3rd, Riva Star at Jersey Bowl on the 11th and John Digweed, gracing Quintessential at Grand Jersey on the 25th. Blowout month.

We hope to see you at all three.