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Passionate About Pearls

Pearls have often been associated with badly dressed 80?s popstars, Park Avenue Princesses, or ?ladies who lunch? in twin sets. However, contemporary fashions show these traditional gems, worn classically or with a modern twist, and this summer sees no exception with a huge revival of the birthstone of June.

A notable synergy between the pearl and Coco Chanel has continued with Karl Lagerfeld?s designs today.  He has started to pair pearls with more gothic, rock-inspired looks and the likes of Kate Bosworth, the Olsen twins and Alexa Chung have started to adopt the modern Chanel vibe; juxtaposing boxy, Chanel-esque jackets with skinny jeans and accessorising these fashionably jumbled looks with flashes of vibrant pearls.

Strings of pearls no longer come solely in the classic creamy white shades. Jersey Pearl are putting a new slant on these elegant natural jewels, with a wide range of colours and shapes from dark chocolate brown baroque pearls through to deep peacock purple keishi pearls.  Jersey Pearl also stocks ranges of olive green pearls as well as hot pink, sunshine yellow and electric blue to name but a few. This variety in colour and shape allows you to change your look to suit your mood. Layering several long strings of pearls, wrapping them over several times or wearing an oversized pearl ring can instantly add femininity to a boyish punk look, while a goth-rock style adds instant sartorial edge to your classic pearls.

Jersey Pearl?s long necklaces start at just £13.95, so you can buy plenty of colours to layer your look. The gothic shades of black and grey pearls look great with a ditzy floral tea dress, while rose or peach pearls add softness to an LBD.

This season Jersey Pearl is highlighting the deveopment and adaptability of the pearl, showing that as well as being the perfect heirloom they are also iconic pieces of fashionable jewellery. Jersey Pearl has outlets in St Helier and Gorey as well as their vast showroom in St Ouen.  For those of you hopping off the rock, the Jersey Pearl shop in the departure lounge at the airport still remains GST-free.

JERSEY PEARL, Five Mile Road, St Ouen?s, JE3 2FN Tel: 862137

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