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We often hear of people that leave the island to pursue an artistic career. Whether an art degree, acting, dancing or other creative output, the road to success is a tough one.

Jerseyites sometimes return home for the summer and end up whisked up by our magnetic island into the world of  ‘temporary’ work never to follow that path again. This month we had a visit from Isla Ure, a familiar face and name that featured in early Gallery editions before leaving to study acting in the UK. Since then Isla has acted on stage and screen playing characters from A Clockwork Orange on stage to voicing the two females in a mechanical love triangle with Lister in Red Dwarf.

Isla is one of those that stayed. Having moved from actor to director / producer, she is about to embark on production of her own feature. It’s a tale of chance meetings to be adapted from, and building on the premise of, her ‘Passengers’ short film. The film ( if you’re reading this digitally) tells the tale of two strangers who meet in passing at a London bus stop and fill their share time with a poised, considered need for company and a listening ear. It’s a commentary on the solitude and limited discourse in the world that is both romantic and compelling.

With just £50 and a Canon 7D, the short was filmed guerilla style on a public bus. Having scoped out a few different bus routes that might provide what was required, they found one that would be quiet for long enough for Isla, her one man crew and her opposite number, Tommy, to find time between screaming babies to get a full take. Critical praise followed and following a gap between roles it gave Isla the confidence to pursue her vision for the feature, entitled ‘Halycon Heights’.

The tale, however, is a bittersweet one as Tommy, the co-star of Passengers and Isla’s partner, passed away earlier this year. The development of Halcyon Heights is therefore his legacy and any profits are being donated to ‘The Tommy Fund’ – a fund set up to support young actors and film makers. The film itself is being funded through the IndieGoGo crowd source platform so you can be a part of it and contribute accordingly. Whether just £1 or £1000 to become an executive producer, you can help Isla and her team realise their dream.

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