CultureCCA Galleries International Exhibition - Bowls Berets Bangles Frocks Prints Plates 

CCA Galleries International Exhibition – Bowls Berets Bangles Frocks Prints Plates 

CCA Galleries International Exhibition – Bowls Berets Bangles Frocks Prints Plates

An art and fashion collaboration by Bruce and Flora McLean

Flora McLean is head designer at ‘House of Flora’ and Senior Tutor in Footwear, Accessories and Millinery at The Royal College of Art. ‘House of Flora’ is a London based fashion design and consultancy studio specialising in Catwalk, campaigns and collectors. Avante-garde headwear is often driven by materials such as PVC, perspex, leather, wood veneer, aluminium and steel and is influenced by historical figures and concepts in modern art. The unique witty styles have won a loyal following including Lady Gaga, Rhianna and Beyonce.

Bruce McLean graduated from Glasgow school of Art in the 1960s. He studied under Anthony Caro at St. Martins and went onto become one of the leading figures in conceptual art in 60s Great Britain. Bruce has exhibited fearless artistic experimentation which continuously pokes fun at the establishment. His varied career in the arts has seen collaborations with architecture, education and theatre. 

Flora and Bruce share a London studio and collaborate to produce work which is funny, brilliant and accessible. CCA Galleries International will be exhibiting and selling work from both artists. Bruce’s ceramics, mono prints and classic silkscreens will stand alongside Flora’s rubber berets, cuffs and eyewear. 

Friday 9th March @ 19:30- Bruce and Flora will be at the Gallery and will include a live presentation that includes a film ‘Not a Peep’ made with Piers Alsop and Harry Reavley. Tickets are limited and must be booked with the gallery in advance. 

For more details please see or book over the phone on 01534 739900. 

Exhibition Open from 2-28th March

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