DROP AND GIVE ME TEN! Popeye screamed, muscles bulging from his florescent vest as I tiptoed out of the changing rooms. As I dropped to the floor, I rapidly awoke and realised the day had come for me to face my worst nightmare – the gym. The changing rooms at Fort Regent were immaculate and made me feel a little better about looking totally mediocre in gym wear, then again, I was fairly confident that a good workout (or ten) would change all that.

Lorraine Pannetier was my instructor for the hour. I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a firm handshake and a smile as opposed to a daunting demand of ten press-ups. The size of the gym was delightfully deceptive, I recall repeating; ‘OH, there’s more!’ numerous times within the hour. The sheer amount of equipment surely must be big tick on the long list of gym-requirements for all you fitness fanatics. The gym even has a Powerplate, or one of those vibrating plate thingys if you want to get all technical; this proved to be awesome for stretching and saved me from the dreaded post-gym muscle agony the next day. The sunlight beaming through the skylight roof made a refreshing change from the drab hospital lighting you find in other gyms. It’s like training outdoors – but getting wet is only dependant on how much you ‘put your back in to it’, and if you’re doing it for anyone – wise words Ice Cube.


If you decide to train with Lorraine, she will ensure that she tailors your workout to your exact needs. If you fancy being pumped to your limits so you can burst out of your t-shirt hulk style, then she’ll work you that hard. If you prefer to take it slower, in your own time, at your own pace to gradually achieve your desired physique then that’s jolly good. In fact, Lorraine focuses on ensuring you enjoy your time at Fort Regent so that you leave feeling satisfied that you know exactly what’s needed with or without the gym to keep up your healthy lifestyle regime.
Lorraine has two children so she knows exactly how difficult it is juggling the ultimate yummy mummy with a practical one. If it’s a toss up between a takeaway and a salad – sometimes we just want to

leave the lettuce to the rabbits. Lorraine doesn’t just offer fitness instruction, she offers nutritional advice along with helping you with those all-important gym sessions so you can prepare delicious but totally healthy food in the blink of an eye (or a cycle of a bike).
After the hour was up, it’s fair to say I was ready for a shower and, believe it or not, a good salad. Lorraine had given me that all-important kick up the derriére to get my act together to get healthy for the sake of being that little bit more content with my body. Maybe after 10 more sessions I’ll even catch the eye of Mr Timberlake… Ok, ok… a girl can dream.

Give Active gym at Fort Regent a call on 449800 and give the gym a go – you might just love it.


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