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Going with the flow


Here at Gallery, we’re always up for trying out anything the island throws at us, as wild and wacky as some things are. So when we were invited to a Flowrider event at the Merton Hotel, we just couldn’t say no. Be careful though, don’t go mistaking Flowrider for Flo Rida; we weren’t about to listen to a second rate rapper tell us how shawty got low, low, low, low. We were about to attempt to surf on what is, basically, a never ending wave.


The skies were typically grey, but as soon as we were togged up in our wetsuits we soon got over it! The Flowrider is located outside the Merton Hotel next to the outdoor pool in The Aquadome. Admittedly, the whole thing was pretty daunting at first.  A powerful stream of water, a small board and numerous pairs of piercing eyes watching your every move doesn’t sound like the most inciting of recipes for an evening – but that’s before you try it out. With the not-so-cool image of us face planting the water on our very first attempt penetrating our every thought, we couldn’t complain when our instructor offered to give us a quick demo. By “quick demo” he meant “make it look incredibly easy so you all get some nuts and just have a go.” His plan worked and after a few minutes and a couple of snazzy tricks we were all dying to get Flowboarding!


Some pick it up quicker than others; so don’t be afraid to let your competitive side out! As soon as you manage to hack that one trick you’ve been working on for ages, you really do feel like a pro. Everyone has the opportunity to master some sort of technique, from absolute beginners to seasoned pros. Whether it’s standing up surfer dude style or mastering the art of ‘bum planting,’ there’s a style of Flowboarding for every ability. Flowboarding may have the look of surfing but it also combines the ride of snowboarding and the tricks of skateboarding. Even if you consider yourself a surfing god, you still might have something to learn!
With music blaring out and a choice of refreshing drinks, it began to feel like we were at an awesome pool party, with a generous serving of adrenaline on the side! You now have the opportunity to relive this fun-filled party atmosphere every Tuesday as part of The Flowrider Club, where the Seymour Hotel Group invite you to ride the eternal wave with a group of friends for only £10 a month! You may even find yourself inventing some decent new tricks to impress your mates!

The Flowrider is also available for Corporate events, Stag & Hen do’s as well as  Birthday parties.  TEL: 01534 767774 or Email: for more information. 

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