Pet(s) of the month – Rizzle and Scaffy




Breed: Human
Age: 20+11
Likes: Tattoos, horses, Discovery Channel and  F1
Hates: Winter, sprouts, ants and horror films
If Animal I would be: A Horse or maybe a Cat
Wants: World Peace, and do Route 66 with my hubby in a mustang
Interesting Fact: I once had my tongue pierced and it hurt.. a lot
Most Impressive Thing Ever Done: Completing both the Itex Walk and London Marathon in good times in 2010.

(Rizzle Pizzle Minizzle but for short my humans calls me Rizzy…Stop It!)

Breed: Jack Russel Parsons
Age: 10 Months
Like: Food, chewing wood, sleeping, humans and walkies
Hates: Dog food, birds, Scaffy, and being wet
If Human I Would Be: Keith Lemon or a truck driver
Wants: To to be human and hang out with Keith Lemon
Interesting Fact: I have to have something chopped off, but my humans wont say what…
Most Impressive Thing Ever Done: So far I have eaten 3 Chair legs, that’s impressive right?


(Scaffy Waffy Bombaffy but for short my humans calls me Scaffy…No!)

Breed: Jack Russel Parsons
Age: 15 Months
Like: Chicken, the woods, mud, humans and walkies
Hates: Bedtime, dog food, cats & birds in my garden and Rizzles snoring
If Human I would be:  A Olympic hurdler or Usain Bolt
Wants: Walkies all the time and Food
Interesting Fact: I can jump up 4ft and lick your face
Most Impressive Thing Ever Done: My ginger eyebrows are pretty impressive and I can almost speak human language