POTMSharina, Patrick and Lido

Sharina, Patrick and Lido

Golden retrievers are intelligent, affectionate, and, well, just such good dogs. As puppies, and even fully grown, they’re the pinnacle of a stereotypical cute dog and this little guy is in the prime of his cuteness.

Meet Lido, the 12-week-old golden retriever, and her owners Sharina and Patrick. Sharina and Patrick met at the Lido at Havre des Pas. Little did they know they’d later become owners of their very own Lido. Their adorable golden retriever puppy is named after the place they met. Now tell me that isn’t a love story!

Sharina is no stranger to looking after dogs, having become the dedicated dog-sitter for many of her friends and colleagues. With one of her own, she now has her hands full!

Like many dogs in Jersey, Lido is an well-travelled gal. She flew in all the way from Bury St. Edmunds on her own private plane, the favoured mode of transport for all well-heeled young puppies. Now she calls Jersey home and spends most of her time at her home in St. John, chewing shoes, and sleeping on the kitchen floor. What a life.

But Lido won’t live the relaxed country life for long. Patrick is a director of Jersey Seafaris and works as a skipper on the boats in the summer. Sharina runs the Three Arches cafe on St. Catherine’s Pier. When she’s not busy doing that, she is also on one of Seafari boats, so Lido had better like the water and learn to swim! This little pup is set to spend plenty of afternoons on the slipway, having ice creams on the pier, and taking boat trips herself.

When I met Lido I made the unfortunate mistake of taking my shoes off. I’ll forgive her as she’s still very much in her baby phase, but I turned around to see her chewing my crocs. Definitely serves me right for having awful taste in shoes…

Sharina, tell me how did Lido come into your lives?

She was a belated graduation gift when I finished my law degree, Patrick has already had 4 golden retrievers so it wasn’t a difficult decision. We wanted to have a dog to bring along on all our adventures – we think she will love the snow and going on hikes very soon! We both love the water so we needed a dog that loves it as much as we do.

What’s the cutest thing Lido does? 

“She’s still young and working everything out, so everything she does is cute, but probably the morning cuddles when she is allowed in bed. Lido and her friend Daphne (a Parsons Russel Terrier) also do the wildest zoomies in the garden, chewing each other’s ears and then crashing on the sofa”

What’s her favourite food? 

“Everything. She loves chewing anything in the garden, preferably the prettiest flowers out there…her own poop is also in the top 3. ”

What is her favourite thing to chew? (Apart from crocs!) 

Her purple duck toy. Or probably, your hand!

Has she learnt any tricks yet? 

She can sit, paw, and lie down. Very impressed already!

Favourite place in Jersey?

Walks down St. Catherines Pier, for a Frozzy dog ice cream at the Three Arches!

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