POTMPet of the Month: bearded dragon

Pet of the Month: bearded dragon

Carla Nunes
Breed: Human (Homo sapien?! This just made me laugh, I must say)
Age: 28
Likes: Relaxing and reptiles
Hates: Spiders and mushrooms 
If you were an animal what would you be: I’d have to be a beardie the same as my little girl.
Wants: To one day have enough money to open a reptile sanctuary in Jersey.
Interesting facts: Although I wouldn’t advise this to anyone I was a bit of a girl racer when I wasn’t living in Jersey. Always loved seeing the looks I used to get when the opponent realised I was a young girl…
Most impressive thing ever done: Achieving my GIA Diamond Graduate Diploma. After two years of hard work it was truly worth it. The thing I have done that has impressed me the most though was seeing the sunrise from a hot air balloon over the River Nile and the Valley of the Kings.

Bichinha Nunes
Breed: Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps).
Age: 2 Years
Likes: Locusts (a lot) and meal-worms
Hates: Vegetables (although my owner keeps telling me I should eat more) and crickets.
If I was a human I would be: I am a very lazy and chilled out girl (and good looking if I say so myself) so as a human I would definitely have to be a pampered lady with a very rich husband.
Wants: More locusts…
Interesting facts: I love going outdoors on hot summer days and I love the attention I get from everyone I come across.
Most impressive thing ever done: I went up to the zoo when I was little and at the same time they were having a competition to name the new baby orangutan (in 2013). I didn’t have a name yet and many suggestions were given by zoo staff and visitors. I was also the star attraction that day and had many pictures of me taken as I was the only animal walking around the zoo on that lovely day.

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