Pet of the Month: November


Meet Jackie and Monty, the most loveable Kentish Maid and Sharpei you will ever meet…

Breed: Kentish Maid
Age: 46
Likes: Travelling, skiing, fantasy films and shopping
Hates: Daddy long-legs, moths, avocados, heights
If animal would be: A dolphin
Wants: A french bulldog and a villa in the South of France
Interesting facts: Attended Lucie Clayton finishing school
Most impressive thing ever done: Staying sane whilst bringing up my family.

Breed: Sharpei
Age: 7
Likes: Tea and having his ears rubbed and running away
Hates: The postman, cats and men in yellow jackets
If human would be: Houdini
Wants: His freedom
Interesting facts: Speaks Chinese!
Most impressive thing: He ran out of my neighbours barn in France standing on top of her pet sheep.