Pet of the Month


Breed: Human

Age: 38

Likes: Outdoor living

Hates: People who complain

If I was an animal I would be: A lion

Wants: To play better golf

Interesting facts: I own the Bastille Brasserie. 

Most impressive thing I’ve ever done: I’ve run the London Marathon in under four hours


Breed: Human child

Age: 10

Likes: Ravioli

Hates: Tomatoes

If I was an animal I would be: A dolphin

Wants: The world to be made of chocolate

Interesting facts: Loves netball and I’m trying out for the Jersey  team.

Most impressive thing ever done: I’ve represented my school for high jump in the island championships


Breed: Ferrets

Age: One

Likes: Raw egg milkshake

Hates: Trigger the family Jack Russell

If human we would be: French and Saunders. 

Wants: 24 hour play time

Interesting facts: We can sleep so soundly that we cannot 

be woken when picked up or jostled. This is our ‘dead sleep’

Most impressive thing we’ve ever done: It’d have to be answering these questions!

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