HardwareA3 goes topless

A3 goes topless

We at Gallery sometimes get a bit of stick from some closed minded types about showing topless models and suchlike. Well, that just makes us want to do it more often!

As the island?s getting a bit of early sunshine it?s easy to start thinking about all things summer, so it seemed appropriate to check out this little puppy.  Released in the UK in ?late spring?, the A3 drop top lines up alongside established soft tops in the A4 and TT ranges.  The exciting addition to the much in demand A3 range will be available with either a semi or fully automatic hood specification while crucially for an open car, its advanced body structure features a high proportion of high-strength steel reinforcing measures that provide maximum rigidity and optimum crash safety.

When Audi launched the A3, sceptics thought it would dilute the brand as it would take Audi ?downmarket? but the model has been an overwhelming success and with the R8 firmly anchoring the Audi brand at the top end of the automotive spectrum, the A3 drop top looks perfectly fitting for the brand.

Four engine versions ? two petrol and two TDI ? combine ample power with impressive efficiency. All of them are direct injection units with turbo charging. The performance range extends from 77 kW (105 PS) to 147 kW (200 PS).  As an option, the innovative S tronic dual-clutch gearbox is available. At launch, transmissions will be limited to front wheel drive.

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The excellent agility and handling response that has made the A3 range enormously popular is maintained in the A3 Cabriolet, which is equipped as standard with responsive electromechanical power steering. Thanks to the hood?s compact folding design, Audi?s designers were able to create a comfortable four-seater with subtle lines.

Specifications at launch – Standard or Sport – can be chosen for the Audi A3 Cabriolet. In both cases its equipment specification is generous and extensive; the Sport model includes 17-inch aluminium wheels, sports suspension and sports seats.  An S line exterior package and S line sports package will also be available later in the year to UK customers from Quattro GmbH.

And one last little thing that may be of interest to all aspiring Audi fans; the A3 convertible will have the all important LED lights seen on its big brothers. It?s a little thing, but somehow it still seems like an important one. It does make them look damn sexy doesn?t it?

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Russ Atkinson
Russ Atkinson
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