Going Commando – Day 21

Day 21: Sunday
Session 12: Beauport
No rest for the wicked

It’s a gorgeous Sunday afternoon as we meet at Beauport beach car park, and head off at a gentle jog across the cliff paths.  We knew it was too good to be true as the cliff steps turn into exercise opportunities as we jump up them, both feet together, and then it’s into a grueling run across the footpaths and back to the headland overlooking the beach.  Adam’s picked out a bench for some box jumps with a view and then more bunnyhopping all the way down the steps to Beauport.  We’re exhausted, but there’s a bleep test shuttle run on the sand to go yet and then kettle bell deadlifts and bounds up the steps back up to the carpark.  Trust me, walking down to Beauport with a picnic basket will be nothing after this….

What we did:

Session 12: Beauport

Warm up (steady jog, dynamic stretches)
Step jumps
Steady state run
Box jumps
MSFT (bleep test)
Kettle bell deadlift step bounds
Cool down


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