The galleryrally is an excuse for you and a friend to take part in a four day treasure hunt around Europe. Think of it as a cross between the gumball rally and the telegraph crossword with a bit of Blue Peter thrown in.

We set the course and the clues and you crack them and follow them to beautiful destinations set by our cluemaster. You’ll find yourself wandering through villages and chateaus in search of cryptic clues and hitting beautiful stretches of open road across France. The evenings are yours to kick back and enjoy in quirky hotels. With 4 clues a day and roughly 60 miles between clues, each day will be no more than about 250 miles. The last night will be something special as we end in luxury in our destination city. Traditionally this has been a Sunday evening but from 2015 we’ve revised the schedule based on rallier feedback and will be leaving on Wednesday evening for arrival on Saturday, allowing ralliers to spend the weekend or get home quickly with only two days away from work….

Whilst it’s a great deal of fun, the event does have a serious side with ralliers asked to raise a figure for charity. Gallery will be running the event efficiently this year and have dropped the entry cost and minimum fundraising targets so that the total cost including fundraising for 2015 is the same as the entry cost without fundraising in the past. We do, of course, want to reward the people that strive and achieve in their fundraising goals with a half price entry in the 2016 event for the biggest fundraiser of 2015.

Over the last eight events the GalleryRally has raised more than £250,000 for charity.

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