Two way Street

Samphire have teamed up with Beresford Street Kitchen to sponsor an apprentice. Georgie Cottini, fundraising manager says, “We are delighted that Samphire have chosen to support BSK and because of their substantial donation we now have the funding to promote traines to apprentices.  This means we can put them on an employment contract and offer them the next level of skills and training needed to have the opportunity to move to open employment.

“Kate Stephan, Events and Marketing Manager at Samphire told us ““Samphire may be synonymous with great food and service, but we are also renowned for our support in the local community, promoting opportunities and nurturing our local talent.  We look forward to working with BSK in the future.”Georgie added “Beresford Street Kitchen employs 45 staff with learning difficulties and Autism with another  25 on the waiting list. Without the support of companies like Samphire, we would not be able to give these guys the opportunity to maximize their potential, join the workforce and be recognised for their skills. We are really looking forward to working with Samphire and their team in the future”.