GivePet of the Month: Pablo

Pet of the Month: Pablo

Photography: Matt Porteous | Studio_M

Pablo is a 2 year old Spanish Mastiff crossed with Labrador, who is looking for a family to offer him the forever home of his dreams. Born in Spain, Pablo became a resident of the JSPCA after it unfortunately became obvious that his new family wasn’t the right fit for him. Despite the infectious character and loving spirit that he brings to the Animal Shelter, the team at the JSPCA are desperate to find Pablo the loving family he deserves.

When it comes to introducing a pet to the home, the JSPCA encourage locals to look to them first for animals in need of a second chance. Although Jersey is lucky in the sense that we don’t have high volumes of animals in need of homes, as in the UK, there are still many animals like Pablo at the JSPCA who spend many months (sometimes over a year) waiting for their forever home.

Pablo is a handsome, fun-loving dog with lots of character. He enjoys destroying boxes, playing fetch, running around in the rain and mud, and playing chase with his carers. Although he is a big dog, he doesn’t require lots of exercise and is happy with either two half hour walks, or a gentle one hour stroll. Pablo equally enjoys his down-time, and can often be found snoozing in his kennel whilst the other dogs are wide awake and ready to go. So much so, Pablo sometimes decides he doesn’t fancy a walk at all, so will just hang out in his kennel instead! He certainly has his quirks, but the JSPCA team can’t help but love him for it.

At the moment, Pablo is learning recall and is doing very well. He’s very good at basic training such as ‘sit’ and ‘drop’, but he’s not very confident about getting into cars, so the team are working with him on that. Pablo doesn’t like walking near lots of traffic, but he does love open spaces to run about. He is good with visitors and can get very excited, much to everyone’s amusement, but can often jump up if he gets over-excited, although he doesn’t do it for long.

Pablo previously lived with a child, which wasn’t suitable for him, so he needs to live in an adult-only home. Quite the stubborn character, Pablo also doesn’t like to share, so he is unable to be homed with any other animals.

A recent visit to a staff member’s house saw Pablo stay for a whole weekend when he refused to leave after the hour he was supposed to stay there! Making himself at home, Pablo rediscovered his love for being a couch dog and spent his weekend having naps and zooming around the house, without managing to hit anything! Unfortunately, he couldn’t stay forever, but he displayed how much he loved being in a home and the team hopes to make his dream a reality soon.

Every animal that arrives at the JSPCA is subject to various tests and assessments to ensure they are placed in the best possible homes for their requirements. All animals are health checked, vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and flea & worm treated prior to rehoming.

If you would like to adopt Pablo, or to register your interest in adopting a pet in the future, please contact the JSPCA on 01534 724331 or for more information.

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