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I Rest My Case

Law firm Ogier believes that to do your best, you need to be your best – and that means doing what you love when you switch off for the day.

Supporting people in its legal and business services teams who have passions outside of the workplace means happier, more engaged employees who deliver a better service to their clients.

Find out more about four Ogier colleagues who live up to the challenge to #BeExtraordinary inside and outside of the office…

Simon Lofthouse
Associate and RNLI volunteer

“Having previously spent a number of years in the Royal Navy I wanted to put some of my experience at being at sea to good use when I moved to Jersey. That is why I jumped at the opportunity to volunteer with the RNLI in Jersey as a probationer crew member. The RNLI is obviously a fantastic charity helping to save lives at seas but it is also a great place to meet new friends and learn new skills. I would recommend the RNLI to anyone who is looking to do something rewarding in their spare time that is perhaps something different from the 9-5.”

Laura Malpass
Associate and published author

“I have always written in some form, whether it be short stories, screenplays or song lyrics, but it was whilst taking a year out between my LPC and training contract that I started to write a novel. Though that first novel is safely tucked away in a drawer, writing ‘the end’ for the first time gave me the novelist bug and I have written full-length fiction ever since. I got my first three book deal with Harlequin/Harper Collins in 2015 and released my first book in 2016. I now have seven romance and women’s fiction titles published in English language, three of which have been translated. Writing provides a creative outlet alongside my daily work as a lawyer. It is refreshing to work for a firm which encourages its employees to explore hobbies and interests outside the office.”

Stuart Perchard
Head of HR services, recently represented Jersey in the Fly Fishing World Championships.

“I love the challenge of fly fishing, I am always moving and thinking – what fly should I try, where should I cast, where are the fish, should I move on the bank or in a boat, should I have my coffee now or later! There are a number of reservoirs that members of the local Angling Association are given permission to fish on and of these, Queen’s Valley and Val de la Mare are available for fly fishing. My favourite time to fish is very early morning at sunrise. Val de la Mare is magical in the morning, it is quiet and nature is just waking up – I find being on the water so peaceful and it gives me a chance to truly relax and de-stress, and hopefully catch a fish.”

Clare Graham
Secretary and dog agility exhibitor

“I compete in agility with my border collie, Zak. Agility involves guiding your dog through an obstacle course while being as quick and accurate as possible. Coordination and teamwork is a must. The sport is physically demanding for the dogs so they must be fit.  I enjoy teaching him new skills, it can be challenging but most of all, it’s rewarding when everything you have taught comes together. Success is a product of dedication, patience and hard work. We are lucky to be competing this May at the World Agility Open in the Netherlands as part of Team Jersey. I couldn’t be more proud to have Zak standing next to me on that start line!”

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