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Plyometric Hurdles
(Press-up, Squat Thrust and Jump)
With this exercise you can either use mini hurdles such as shown here, or any other marker to jump over. Begin with two press-ups, then two squat thrusts, and finally jump sideways into the next section you have marked out. Repeat as many times as necessary in a row until you require a breather.

An exercise which requires balance as well as power. Standing on one leg use a hurdle to hop over, once again landing on one leg. Once you improve you can try side hops, as well as back hops.

Squat Jumps
You can use any reasonably large step or kerb for this. Simply from the squat position, use the power of your legs to jump up onto the step and land in the squat position. Then jump backwards and land in the same position ready to begin again.

Slope Sprint
If you can find a good slope somewhere, these are great for sprinting up, to both test the legs, and the heart and lungs. Use the way back down to the bottom for your recovery. A slow jog will do, then you can really push yourself on the way back up again.

Steps Sprint
Finally for the fairly fit amongst us is the step sprint, the same rules apply as in the slope sprint, but be extra careful when coming down. As you get fitter and your stamina increases just add in an extra set now and again to really test yourself.

Enjoy the good weather and I will be back soon with more training tips!

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