Seeing Double

The  animals went in two by two.  Hurrah. I’m not sure why we should be so enthusiastic that the ark’s passengers chose to walk the plank in their pairs. I can only assume we’re encouraging the fact that, with two of the opposite sex safely aboard, the species in question were saved from not only a watery death but were thus able to live to, erm, procreate another day and further their species so that we can enjoy viewing them in zoos. Good work Noah.


Our theme this month is ‘double act’.  It’s fair to say great things come in twos; shoes, Ronnies, Twix, the Chuckle brothers, glasses from Specsavers. It’s so timely too in a month when Jedward (the most annoying twins since Schwarzenegger and DeVito walked into the same casting room) were dropped by their management. I guess it’s back to the Irish popstar dole queue with B*witched for them, dreaming about the twin pop partnerships that made it; The Bee Gees, Veronicas, Biffy Clyro, Breeders and Bros all feature twins.


The double act needn’t be linked by blood to prevail however; whether music, comedy, presenting, politics or passion, throughout history we’ve witnessed individuals collaborating to become more than the sum of their parts. When we thought of the theme ‘double act’ we were really searching for a wider context in which we could place our annual Spring wedding feature for all you engaged types but it did end up lending itself quite well across the board.


You’ll notice the wedding guide up ahead, it’s on lush swanky paper.  Gallery’s look at all things Nuptial this edition features an A to Z of interesting things to think about and people to get in touch with and hear the male and female persective on their feelings prior to an impending ‘big day’ along with some bridal fashion for all the extended family.


In addition to our bits for the marital ‘double act’ we also check out famous sporting partnerships, quiz some chefs about their favourite culinary pairings and stand some very ‘similar’ looking models on some big gun outposts;
just for fun. Enjoy this issue and watch out next month… there’s going to
be a takeover. 



- A word from our sposor -

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