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Pet of the Month: Blue


Katarzyna is a Polish girl and she’s proud of it. She came to Jersey 12 years ago, which she describes as ‘the best decision she’s ever made’. Moving to the island has been a complete life change and she tells us she has “found my happiness, friends and love”. Her friend Blue traveled the long 2200 km from Poland too, a very long and tiring journey, but worth it to enjoy our wonderful Jersey beaches! 

Describe Frenchie’s personality in three words? 

Playful, sociable, stubborn.

What’s your morning routine?

I have to wake Blue up, she loves to sleep. We manage a short walk as I have to go to work. But there is time for cuddles and snuggles and then, because she’s done so much, she goes back to sleep!

Describe your perfect weekend day together: A long walk along the beach on a sunny day. We both hate rain. Blue likes to swim in the sea and chase everything that moves, especially leaves. If it were to be Blue’s perfect weekend I think it would probably be a trip to a chicken factory with unlimited access to eat!!

Meal for two, where are you heading and what are you eating? We are going anywhere and we will eat everything!

Kasia Madej 

Breed: Human 

Age: 33

Likes: The gym, eating healthy and long walks. 

Hates: Rain 

If I was an animal I would be: A butterfly 

Wants: More sun 

Interesting facts: I used to sing along in school bands.

Most impressive thing you’ve ever done: Conquering my flying fear! I was scared to fly for many years but I’ve managed to fight it. Now I actually enjoy it. 


Breed: French Bulldog 

Age: Two and a half. 

Likes: Food, attention and cuddles 

Hates: Lemons 

If human I would be: A princess

Wants: More food 

Interesting facts: I snore like an old man 

Most impressive thing you’ve ever done: I can walk on my back paws for you, but only if you have a treat in your hand.

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