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Emily Walker

Bao Buns – Pink Panda

I suppose I owe a lot to my fluffy buns!

We introduced our handmade Bao buns to Jersey at the beginning of 2016 and there is now an uproar in the streets if they are not on the menu. There was even a campaign started , #BBTB (Bring Back the Buns), when we had to have a small hiatus from them. Clearly, Jersey loves our buns.

It takes around six hours to make 100 buns, which we then steam cook, to give them their light and puffy texture.  As it’s basically a Chinese take on the bread roll we then fill the Bao with a variety of delicious tasty filings from crispy Korean chicken to our slow-cooked sticky Vietnamese caramelised pork.

Becoming a member of Genuine Jersey later in 2016 was a real honour as I am an extremely proud Bean and believe passionately in our local produce, producers, and general awesomeness of our little island. To be a tiny part of that just makes the job I love even more exciting and rewarding.

Without doubt, our Bao buns have helped build real success for the Pink Panda Van and this month sees the opening of Cafe Panda (opposite the bus station in what used to be Flavour), the next stage in this Pandalicious adventure!

So come and find us busting our buns out in our new home with more exciting flavours, including some long-awaited veggie options for our lovely bamboo-muncher fans. It’s going to be Pandamonium!