The Vodafone MiFi (Mobile Wi-Fi) R201allows several Wi-Fi enabled devices (for example iPads, iPods, PCs, mobile gaming devices, digital music players) to share a secure mobile internet connection.
The device is battery, mains or USB powered, and this flexibility allows the device to be positioned for best mobile coverage and then share this coverage between several devices via Wi-Fi.
The Mi-Fi device comes with an Airtel-Vodafone SIM card which provides users with a wi-fi connection. The Mi-Fi can also be configured to allow files from a MicroSD card to be shared among several Wi-Fi devices via the web browsers of the connecting devices.
We recommend customers to use this product with a monthly data plan so to benefit from the faster data speeds. Details of our dedicated data plans are below. However, for those infrequent users of this device who want to keep a close eye on their data usage / costs, we also provide this device with a Pay-as-you-go connection.

Mi-FI prices
On Pay-as-you-go
Device cost = £129
Included in this price is a Pay-as-you-go SIM Card which comes with £10 free credit loaded on to it
(equivalent to 1GB of data)
* Out of bundle rate is 1p per MB
On monthly connection
Monthly cost Contract period Data
allowance Device cost.
£3.99 12 months 1GB £99
£7.99 12 months 3GB £99
£11.99 12 months 5GB £99
£15.99 12 months 10GB £99
£19.99 12 months 20GB £79
£24.99 12 months 20GB £69


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