Digital TV provided via JT’s network…

With a successful switch from analogue to digital, Jersey Telecom is pleased to announce a partnership deal with British Telecom to deliver the Digital TV signal to the Channel Islands for the next twelve years.
The signal is carried by JT’s network of cables linking the Islands to the UK, before being broadcast via the Fremont Point transmitter. Jersey Telecom was selected to deliver Digital TV to the Channel Islands because of the capacity, speed and resilience of its network.
“Clearly, we are delighted to be working with our partner BT to provide Digital TV for the Channel Islands”, says Graeme Millar, CEO at Jersey Telecom. “We have worked hard with BT for the last three years to make sure they have a highly resilient connection between the UK and Jersey in order to provide the Island with this major change to TV services”.
JT has invested heavily in Jersey’s telecommunications connections to the UK and Europe, the most recent development being the completion of the £7m Project Liberty, which is a submarine fibre optic cable linking to the south coast of the UK. This undersea network infrastructure is yet another example of JT’s Gigabit Isles initiative. Liberty provides virtually unlimited bandwidth capacity and plays a key role in keeping the Island’s business community connected to colleagues and customers around the world. It is a resilient system, so if there is a fault with one link, communications can be diverted through a different channel to maintain connections.
Graeme Millar added:  “We have been investing in networks for the Channel Islands for over 100 years now; it is because Jersey has such strong telecommunications links which offer speed, capacity and resilience that we are able to provide BT with the connections required to deliver Digital TV to the island in this way”.  “As part of our five year growth strategy, this is a good example of the excellent relationships we are developing with the world’s major telecommunications organisations”.