Me and My Pet


Once again we pit animal against owner to see if what they say is true, are dogs really like their owners? This month Kelly introduces a crime fighting pair of Pomeranians. Some might say they’re more micro bears than dogs but who cares, look at those teddy bear faces!

Sherlock and Watson

Breed: Pomeranian

Age: 5 months

Likes: Pigs ears, beach walks and play fighting

Hates: Baths, being told off and the hoover

If human/animal we would be: Detectives

Wants: Lifetime supply of toys and chews

Interesting facts: Our dad was a winner at Crufts

Most impressive thing ever done: Made a husky whimper and run away



Breed: Essex

Age: 25

Likes: Cupcakes, shoes and holidays

Hates: People being late, mushrooms and the Playstation!

If human/animal would be: A cat, so I could sleep all day

Wants: To learn spanish

Interesting facts: Lived here years and haven’t been in the sea!

Most impressive thing ever done: I once won a Michael

Jackson dance-off in Aiya Napa.