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Me and My Pet

Me and My Pet

Once again we pit animal against owner to see if what they say is true, are dogs really like their owners? This month Kelly introduces a crime fighting pair of Pomeranians. Some might say they’re more micro bears than dogs but who cares, look at those teddy bear faces!

Sherlock and Watson

Breed: Pomeranian

Age: 5 months

Likes: Pigs ears, beach walks and play fighting

Hates: Baths, being told off and the hoover

If human/animal we would be: Detectives

Wants: Lifetime supply of toys and chews

Interesting facts: Our dad was a winner at Crufts

Most impressive thing ever done: Made a husky whimper and run away



Breed: Essex

Age: 25

Likes: Cupcakes, shoes and holidays

Hates: People being late, mushrooms and the Playstation!

If human/animal would be: A cat, so I could sleep all day

Wants: To learn spanish

Interesting facts: Lived here years and haven’t been in the sea!

Most impressive thing ever done: I once won a Michael

Jackson dance-off in Aiya Napa.


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