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Gallery Makeover

Jenni Noel won a Gallery makeover so we took her to the lovely Daisy Hartley to have Minx nails done, then to Bonita at Les Ormes for a make up and hair transformation. Along the way we took advantage of spending time with these professionals and got them to share their beauty secrets. We asked each one these questions :
1) What would you recommend for winter?
2) What exactly have you done to Jenni?
3) Can you share a top beauty secret with us all?


Daisy Hartley | Beauty Specialist
House of Fragrance, Quennevais
Parade tel: 491666

1) I would recommend a fortnightly manicure to keep nails in good condition and hands mosturised in the cold weather. Minx are perfect for parties, they are fun, update any outfit and last up to 2 weeks on hands and longer on the feet. When at home in between manicures, massage any natural oil onto cuticles and nails to encourage
nail growth.

2) I started off by asking Jenni which Minx she would like, she decided on the silver lightning, then the silver fishnet French on the little fingers and thumbs, this breaks up the silver and adds more interest for a different effect! Then I prepped the nails by removing any living tissue with a cuticle remover and shaped the nails. The heated lamp is then turned on and warms the hands and Minx, once the Minx are heated I applied them to each nail, I then checked with Jenni to make sure she was happy with the result.

3) My top beauty secret is my crystal nail file, I would recommend all my clients have one, it stops the nails from splitting and will last you for life! Also to speed up nail varnish drying, plunge nails into icy water, the varnish hardens immediately.  Always wear gloves when doing housework and I put any left over face cream on the back of my hands for anti-ageing effects.

Make up…

Claire Hall
Health and Skin Care Therapist
Healing Hands

1) For the winter I would recommend exfoliating twice a week to remove the dead skin then apply a mask. By exfoliating first you have prepared your skin so the mask can perform its function.

2) For Jenny’s make-up I used a good foundation and bronzer all over her face, some blush to highlight the cheekbones, natural earthy colours on her eyes which made them appear bigger and brigher, mascara to lengthen the lashes and eyeliner to define her eyes.
3) A top makeup tip – when applying lipstick, apply your lipstick then apply a bronzer or face powder over your lips, then apply another layer of lipstick and this will ensure your lipstick stays on longer.



Sammie Taylor and Bruno Mallerays
Hair Stylists, Bonita

1) After the summer, hair can be very dry, we recommend a Brazilian blowdry to help the hair return to its natural healthy state, this smoothes the hair as well as moisturising it. For a quick fix we recommend L’Oreal Fiberceutic botox treatment to give the hair the boost it needs, which lasts up to ten washes.

2) For Jenni’s hair we applied two colours, one to highlight and one to lowlight, which provided her with a natural look.

3) Jenni’s hair was trimmed for more volume and a flick appearance was given by using a razor technique. During the blowdry two L’Oreal products were used, one to give a lift on the roots and the other for smoothing the ends.
Hairpieces are a great secret to add volume and length to the hair for a more luxurious look on a special night out.

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