Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom


With the added charm and character of a cider orchard, La Bachauderie boasts an exceptionally picturesque granite residence, shrouded by enchanting grassland, concealed walkways and mature gardens.

Circa 17th century, both the main house and its many outer buildings are peppered with historical artefacts. From the original witches’ stones (there to protect the ‘once’ thatched roof) to the Chambord Mantel (ensconced by the living room wall), La Bachauderie is a treasure trove of unique relics just waiting to be discovered. The former larder, now a downstairs restroom, features a novel rubbish chute, whilst the original well takes pride of place in the Joan Stevenson’s book of old Jersey houses. You’ll even find this impressive property on the Duke of Richmond’s map.

La Bachauderie’s uninterrupted views have the pleasure of resting in a tranquil and rural location, with the added feature of a quaint free flowing stream. The traditional landscape is further enhanced by the appealing front tourelle – a slate-capped turret that brings a sense of grandeur to this fairy-tale home.

Once inside the conceals of the household, and you’ll be met by an impressive mezzanine hall and stairway. To the right is the kitchen diner, and to the left the lounge, which features the original ceilings. A secreted stairwell leads up to the children’s room, and on the first floor, you’ll find four double bedrooms, two en suite – all boasting views of the astounding surrounding views, the apple orchard and the pretty stream below.

Although the main house has an address of St. Martin’s, the property lies on a middle-parish boundary, allowing the outer barns to take stance in St. Saviour. While the winding gravel driveway, cider apple orchards and some 15 vergees of land offer a sense of the backcountry, La Bachauderie is in fact just a short drive from the hustle and bustle of St. Helier, and a mere six minutes from St. Michael’s School.

The development, which was drastically remodelled and substantially extended in the 1990’s, boasts the perfect family base, and an ideal establishment in which to make your own. Even the barns come complete with new roofs, and as they stand, they’re plumbed, re-wired and ready-to-go. The ample outer buildings, which appear fully insulated, have the potential to become something so much more than storage space alone, and could easily be fashioned into a number of possible multi-generational living arrangements (significant works for this adaptation have already been incorporated).  Then there are the generous garage facilities to consider – large enough to house four cars at any one time.

The wine store, another feature offered by La Bachauderie and its abundance of outer buildings could easily be turned into a study or office – perfect for those wishing to work a little closer to home.

The heated swimming pool – possibly one of La Bachauderie’s most inviting features, sits upon a tree-encompassing deck, adding an element of nature to the outdoor entertainment area. Just a few steps from the paved terrace are the original granite pig stys, a small grassland paddock blossoming with fruit trees, a unique lavoir and a further planted orchard complete with ample vehicular access.

This is the ideal residence for those searching for a characterful property, yet one they can put their own unique stamp on.

An enchanting, characterful home brimming with potential.

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