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Brad De La Cloche

Brad is a maestro with an eclectic and enthusiastic ethos for music and if you’ve yet to tune in to The Lockdown Cuppa, then you’re in for a treat indeed! Brad’s radio show is bursting with brilliant music; all genres, all decades – there’s literally something for everyone in his show. When the clubs and bars closed and DJs started spinning tunes via links on social media, Brad decided to put his passion out there for all to share, and it’s gone down a storm.

The Lockdown Cuppa is a heady mix of old and new music, all narrated and presented with verve and vivaciousness by Brad. It’s highly entertaining and lovingly put together.

“I started The Lockdown Cuppa for something to do during lockdown really. I’ve always loved a wide range of artists and genres and having a chance to create my own radio show was a great way to give some music back to the island of Jersey. My brother runs the BLKOUT events and I’m passionate about gigs and live shows, so yeah, it’s nice to be a part of giving something back to music lovers on the island.

Music.je was already up and running and Marc Mitchell kindly gave me a slot in which I can play anything I like. People drop me massages on Facebook for requests and I’m always happy to oblige and give shout-outs to people on air. The most important thing for me isn’t how many people tune in for each show, but it means so much when they do.”

What can people expect from The Lockdown Cuppa? “Great music. It’s what it’s all about. So put the kettle on, tune in and GET IT DRUNK. You can find the show on the music.je Facebook page and I’m on air every Sunday at 7pm. Thank you for listening!”

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