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How would you like to meet some cool Jersey people? Beans who inspire and add a bit of extra shine to other peoples’ lives. Local folk who go out of their way for their community and bring happiness, support and help to others. Basically, beans who are doing cool things!

2020 certainly saw our community pull together in a great deal of ways, from neighbours shopping for one another to lots of us supporting local businesses. But what of the people doing unique and special things to make the world a better place? These are a few of the cool beans we’ve come across and in our opinion, they deserve a pat on the back and a page in our mag. Give it up for these beautiful humans, otherwise known as Gallery’s, ’Cool Beans’…

Alcindo and Joe

Refugee aiders ‘Compassion isn’t Limited’

These two intrepid aid workers decided they couldn’t sit back and do nothing for the refugees based in Northern France last Christmas. It all began with a Facebook message and Compassion for Refugees, a community drive to collect clothing and necessary items for people who are surviving in camps with literally next to nothing, was born. The drive went splendidly (so much so, that plenty of excess clothing went to local charities) and the trip to France enabled Alcindo and Joe to see first-hand, just how dire the situation is across the water.

Since their return they have started to make plans for an ongoing charity; a non-profit aptly named, ‘Compassion isn’t Limited’. We chatted to Joe to find out a bit more.

“We’re starting a not for profit called Compassion isn’t Limited; it’s gonna be like a rainy-day fund for the world in the sense that it won’t be limited to any specific cause or area and it won’t be limited to any particular time of year either. Charity is an all year round thing, it’s not seasonal and let’s face it, people are in real need all the time.

The not-for-profit will be funded by donations and fund-raising events. Whilst we can’t operate events right now, we have a Go Fund Me link that people can donate to. Our aim is to also help individuals, which has been made more apparent after meeting people on our last trip to France. For instance, we’re currently trying to raise money to support a family in Gaza whose house is in disrepair and ice-cold. The children sleep on the floor and the wife has tumours; we want to buy a water-heater, beds, kitchen cupboards etc to help make an unbearable existence bearable. We are also in touch with another refugee we worked with – he made it to the UK in a leaky boat and we’d like to get him some clothes as he arrived with just one set of clothes and is currently in York.

Alcindo and I will be going to help another refugee charity after the Covid crisis, I don’t know where yet. Maybe Serbia or Bosnia, or maybe France again. If anyone wants to join they can email us at We’re on Facebook too.’

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