Name: Lola Bess Davey
Breed: Bookworm
Age: 6, very nearly 7
Likes: Reading, dancing, drawing, playing on the computer, Johnny English and plums.
Hates: Cake, broccoli, playing pass the parcel and when my little sister Esther annoys me.
If animal would be: Instead of an animal, can I be a Moshi Monster? Poppet is my favourite.
Wants: To go to Disneyland Paris for my birthday, and I am, with my friend Harry! Thunder Mountain is the best!
Interesting facts: My Bobo (grandpa) is Spanish. I love chorizo and going to the fiestas in his village near Madrid.
Most impressive thing ever done: I’ve just been in a Street Dance show at the Arts Centre, and I was a model on the cover of a magazine! And I’m an Eco-Warrior at JCGP.

Name: Hebe
Breed: Chocolate Point Tonkinese
Age: 5
Likes: Playing fetch like a dog, sitting on Lola’s daddy’s shoulder like a parrot, jumping somersaults and searching for hidden worlds behind every cupboard door.
Hates: Being ignored when I’m shouting at people. I have a very loud miaow and like to use it.
If human would be: A mountaineer. I love climbing, the higher the better. Especially if it makes my family have kittens (not literally).
Wants: My brother Pan not to eat all my food. He’s a piggy cat, but I love him.
Interesting facts: I once nearly gave an estate agent a heart attack by running up his back, to sit on his shoulder. Sorry again Mr Estate Agent.
Most impressive thing ever done: I can happily relax sat on the top of a glass shower screen!


Last month saw the release of the beautiful animation The Lonely Dodo, a four-minute  short created for Durrell, to highlight the worldwide plight of endangered species.

Durrell is delighted to have secured input from long-term supporters of the charity Stephen Fry and Alastair McGowan who, together with Academy award winning animation studio Aardman (they produced Wallace and Gromit) and brand agency TheFrameworks, have produced a humorous yet incredibly powerful film, communicating the plight of the extinction of the Dodo.

Commenting on his involvement Actor and Comedian Stephen Fry said “We know that currently there are more species either in the process of becoming extinct or in grave danger of doing so, than ever before in the history of man. Stemming this otherwise inevitable flow towards the loss of nature and all that it provides requires engaging the next generation, I wholeheartedly support the work of Durrell as they aim to inspire young hearts and minds to empathise with, and thus care, for the plight of endangered species.” 

To view the film visit www.thelonelydodo.com

Bitten off more than they can chew
Two hungry pooches ended up at The New Era Vetinary Hospital last month. Tyson, a young Boxer, loved the beach so much that he decided to start eating it! A family friend had taken Tyson for a walk and was throwing stones for him to fetch, unaware that Tyson was happily eating each and every stone thrown! The reason they knew Tyson had been eating them is that you could hear the stones rattling together in Tyson’s belly as he walked! 19 pebbles had to be removed from his stomach and he is now back with his family and doing really well. Then aChocolate Labrador Hoover, who has a history of eating silly things and has had to be opened up twice before, managed to get hold of a childs dressing gown and polish most of it off. He also needed an operation to remove it and is now doing really well. Hoover by name, hoover by nature!


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