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In association with Affordable Jersey, The Affordable Blinds Company supply high quality blinds at affordable prices; their slogan is “Buy well, buy once”. Their collection features all sorts of wild and wonderful models from Vertical and Venetian to Roller and Roman. They also create custom conservatory and specialist blinds as well as attractive shutters, which always make a house look more like the picturesque home you dreamed of.

For the garden they also have a range of colourful and stylish awnings and pergolas which allow you to make the most of your outdoor space in our unpredictable British climate. If you have purchased gorgeous garden furniture and haven’t yet had a chance to use it then these are the missing element which will let you create a ‘room’ outdoors. Our European cousins have been promoting pergolas for years and the UK is just catching on.

Their range have not only been popular with the home market but also commercial customers have been utilising them as they can increase an establishment’s capacity, potentially increasing profits during the summer months as customers can sit outside for longer. All of Affordable Blinds’ pergolas are tailor made and hand crafted in either England or Italy. They are available with a range of fantastic extras such as state of the art integrated sound systems, cosy heaters and remote control panels.  Their roofs can either be fully retractable (by remote control) or there is a bladed system that can be tilted up to 150 degrees, so you can find one that is just right for you. Once they have been made they only take a day to erect so there is minimum hassle and you can have one in time for this summer.

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