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Audience Engagement

If you were born the first month we published Gallery, you’ll be coming up to your eighteenth birthday this September. It’s a double-egded sword in terms of our audience targeting as whilst we started out as the enfant terrible of the Jersey media world, a lot of us are now like the Mums and Dads. Probably the Mums and Dads that still go to the odd afterparty, but still… 

The result of this almost generational change is that we now have a remit to talk to both the people that started on this journey with us back then and also a new audience that consider print media move of a novelty than we did when we started. We have a wide range of sensibilities to consider and thankfully we do have contributors in their teens, twenties, thirties and fourties to cover that task. It’s always tricky to appear both credible to the conservative but open to the everyman. We’ve always probably prioritised the latter and tried to make Gallery’s content a worthy mix of faces that represent the motivated and creative of the island.   

In this ‘Engage’ edition we’re appealing to couples of all ages with our Bridal Bible. Whether you’re 20 or 60, arranging a wedding is a high-involvement undertaking and our feature is a visual feast and editorial profile of all the items you might want to consider for your big day. From a classic church gig to a wedfest, weddings are as unique as you are. But you’re all having the same worries about what to do. We hope this annual supplement gives some inspiration.  We hope inspiration can also be drawn from our Women in Business, marking #internationalwomensday as this edition is distributed in March. Featuring positive first person success stories from business owners and professionals, all of whom run us through their experiences, whether finance, recruitment, law or life coaching.

Gallery’s usual mix of locally produced creative content completes the mix, with new eats, sweet treats and mean feats. We’re short on events as, well, nothing much has happened yet this year…. but we’ve still got high hopes for 2022 and we look forward to keeping you engaged. 


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