GiveAlan Falle

Alan Falle

and the great running challenge for The Grace Crocker Family Foundation!

Kick-starting our year of those who Rock It is Alan Falle, head of sixth form at Victoria College and all round super-hero fund-raiser alongside Elise Wetherall, from the The Grace Crocker Family Support Foundation. Alan is raising money the charity needs to provide emotional and financial support for families from Jersey who need to spend time in the UK whilst their child receives medical treatment in hospital. Alan has been supporting the Grace Crocker Foundation since 2014. 

The charity has launched a rather momentous challenge this year – to run 2022km in 2022. This equates to 5.5km a day on average, or just under a marathon a week! Alan is on his marks, ready and set to go!

“I met Nigel, co-founder of the Foundation and father of Grace, a number of years ago playing cricket. As a teacher, I have seen a couple of students go through challenging treatment periods in the UK, I knew the impact that this could have upon families and ran the 2014 marathon for the foundation. Since then, some of my friends have benefitted greatly from the support that the Grace Crocker Family Support Foundation offer, and so I have come back to complete a bigger challenge in the hope of raising more funds and more awareness for the Foundation.”

Alan is being supported by a number of local businesses and people to really help him reach his goals. From food to fitness, Alan’s been overwhelmed by the support shown by True Food Nutrition, PhysioFit and Funktion gym. Taking on a challenge that pushes the limits means looking after yourself along the way. Speaking of which, if you want to show some support, you can join in on a run with Alan who says,

“People can also take part in group runs to keep me company and to play a more active role in supporting the challenge. I am hoping to arrange some fun runs but there are going to be fairly regular group runs taking place, free of charge, at the weekend. There’ll be information available on Instagram when these are scheduled and it’d be great to see different people joining us along the way!”

Alan’s goal, aside from the mammoth running challenge was to raise £2022. He has smashed this already and moved the target to £5000… or maybe even £20,022! Let’s help Alan and The Grace Crocker Family Foundation make even more of a difference this year. 

Elise Wetherall, The Grace Crocker Family Foundation tells us about Alan’s support; “The charity may be small in size, but the impact it has on local families in an extremely difficult and emotional time in their life is colossal. We are always unbelievably grateful to the individuals who continue to support the charity through fundraising events and challenges, as the funds raised allow parents to spend time with their child when it really matters while we provide both financial and emotional support. People like Alan, taking on challenges to raise awareness and funds literally means the world to us! If you would like to get involved and raise money for the charity please contact us at” 

To donate or find out more information about The Grace Crocker Family Support Foundation, go to and @2022_in2022 on instagram. 

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