Duncan Alexander and Caroline Trehiou have teamed up to bring to Jersey an exciting new Teeth Whitening system that has support from a multimillion dollar American franchise.

The company has been enjoying great success in America and England for some 8 years now. Duncan and Caroline have managed to secure the franchise for the whole of the Channel Islands after their intense training course in the UK.

The system they use is the most technologically advanced whitening system available in the world today, it uses a unique light-guided mouth piece that disperses blue light over all tooth surfaces via its built-in optical lens.

The mouth guard, lined with a foam impregnated patented whitening formula, is accelerated by using a spectrum of blue light. SpaWhite?s patented process is designed to be very safe and effective and being ph neutral means very little or no sensitivity often associated with teeth whitening, therefore there is no need for painful lip retractors or gingival barriers.

The products have been FDA approved and are manufactured in an ISO approved factory in the USA under strict manufacturing standards. This means they can guarantee safe treatments, effective results and no side effects.

So if you want a smile that radiates naturally beautiful white teeth for only £149, then ring them at their treatment room found above Liberation Station (719111) or if you require any further information, give Caroline a call on 07797 734612.