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Where the pancakes are

It doesn’t get any batter than this…


We don’t need to wax lyrical about why pancakes are great – the reasons are as simple as the ingredients needed to make them. But if you’re not in the mood for the homemade stuff this Pancake Day, here is where you need to go on the island to eat cracking crepes. From American style buttermilk beauties drenched in maple syrup to banana-infused pancakes smothered in honey and topped with fresh fruit, these are the places to go to celebrate spring pancake season… 

Nude Beach

What to eat: Protein Pancakes

If you’re in the mood for good food but not bad-for-you food, then Nude Food is the place to go. Their St Aubin’s restaurant (Nude Beach) is serving Protein Pancakes, homemade with banana, eggs, oats, vanilla protein and blueberries and served with yoghurt, berries and honey. These might be lighter on the calories but they pack a serious taste punch. 

La Haule Slip, St Aubin

The Pavilion

What to eat: Pavcakes

These are serious business pancakes for three reasons. They are made-to-order and served straight off the plancha (that’s a grill for you and me) so they don’t get fresher – or hotter. You get 10 of them. Yes, you read that correctly, 10. And you can get a choice of toppings. From whipped maple butter & pancetta or Nutella & sliced banana or perhaps fresh berries & Chantilly cream is more your thing. Either way – these fluffy buttermilk vanilla pancakes get our vote. Someone pass the Gaviscon. 

La Route de la Libération, St Helier


What to eat: Banana Pancakes 

It’s a classic combo right? And sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. Served with berries, fresh cream and maple syrup, these secret recipe pancakes are as classic as they come. Pillowy soft and fluffy as air, they’re subtly sweet thanks to the hint of banana. For those wanting to walk on the wild side of pancake life, you can add a side of streaky bacon. We’ll be keeping ours a classic, thanks.  

Grande Route des Mielles, St Ouen


What to eat: Yankee Pancakes

It’s got to be tried to be believed – but maple syrup and bacon are a match made in heaven. Thank you to Lockes, and Lockes only for bringing us these Yankee Pancakes. Thick, airy buttermilk beauties that look more like cakes than pancakes, these fluffy morsels come with maple butter and are teamed with sticky rashers of salty streaky bacon. It’s making us salivate just thinking of them. Little nippers can get in on the pancake action with their very own pillowy portion but served with honey and fresh berries (and we can attest that it passes the toddler taste test). It’s a ten from us. 

5 Pitt Street, St. Helier

Le Braye

What to eat: American Fluffy Pancakes

We know this is another serving of stateside cuisine, the third American-style pancakes we’ve included in our roundup, in fact, but bear with us because these pancakes portion size alone deserved an entry. They’d make any American proud because they’re enormous. Which is a very good thing in our books. And can we also just mention the giant dollop of vanilla mascarpone which is heavenly and light, and the crispy pancetta which is satisfyingly salty. Oh and the well of warm maple syrup they’re served with. And the scattering of fresh zesty berries…we could go on, but we won’t because you get the point. Why not get down there and try it for yourself. 

La Grande Route des Mielles, St Ouen

The Yard

What to eat: Coconut Pancakes

Okay we know coconut is a divisive taste but listen up because these pancakes are a thing of beauty. Made with a carrot halwa (a blend of carrot, milk and dry fruits) these pancakes have so many brilliant and bonkers accompaniments we dare you to not use the ‘masterchef’ voice when reading them… chai tea cream, mango compote, orange and clove syrup, blueberry jam, lemongrass cheesecake, wood sorel and agave syrup….you still with me? If that list of ingredients doesn’t get you curious, we don’t know what will. Head down to give them a go. 

The Weighbridge, St. Helier

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