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The Right Balance

When it comes to our health and wellbeing striking the right balance is something we all know we should do.  But what’s balance for one person may well be totally off for another. Is balance the same for everyone?

One lady who knows the answer to this is Pippa Campbell, as the island’s only qualified certified Metabolic Balance Coach she can help you to identify your metabolism’s own personal requirements which will ultimately help you to break free of any previously troubling issues you may have had losing weight or maintaining weight loss.

Backed by more than 25 years of science Metabolic Balance (MB) is a unique multi-award winning natural weight management and health programme that simply makes sense.  By analysing your individual make-up through blood tests (which test for 50 different blood markers), coupled with your medical history, likes and dislikes the lab in Germany are able to identify what your body needs to bring fast, long-term results and an overall better lifestyle.  Once you’ve completed your tests you’ll receive an extensive personalised food list of the foods that are right for you, although it’s important to remember this isn’t an intolerance test.  What is right for one person may not be right for another even if it is deemed healthy. Yes, we’re all keeping our fingers crossed that chocolate will be one of our ‘good’ foods!

Having spent the last two weeks working with Pippa and the team at Nude Food (her studio is based in the same building on New Street) I can testify to feeling the results of her advice already. Pippa’s non-judgemental, welcoming approach means you feel she is instantly invested in your wellbeing.  Not only does she obviously know what she’s talking about but she also cares about finding the right solution for you.

Many of Pippa’s clients have literally tried everything even starving themselves and still not lost weight/cleared up acne/reversed type II diabetes. All because the underlying causes have not been identified and addressed. This is why MB is considered such a unique nutrition programme as it’s able to offer you lasting results.  

MB isn’t just a successful weight loss programme either it can also bring other benefits; improved sleep; eradicate eczema; reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.  The belief is that there is little that eating the right foods for you won’t have a positive effect on. I’ve noticed over the last few weeks that my cravings for all the things I never thought I’d want to give up (wine, chocolate, gin, wine, sugar, bread, pasta, wine) haven’t been an issue either, thanks to the constant stream of great food I’ve been able to eat.

If you’d like to find out more about Pippa’s various weight loss packages head to:



 1.Just Natural Mixed Nuts 

Step away from the biscuits and grab yourself a bag of these beauties. A high energy food and excellent source of vitamin E (key for strong immunity and healthy skin and eyes), thiamine (good for heart and nerve function) and niacin (improves cholesterol levels and lowers cardiovascular risks). They’re high in protein and contain lots of fantastic minerals. 

£6.10 from Barannes on Colomberie. 

2.Taka Turmeric Golden Ginger Tea 

Good for taking the curb off cravings this delectably spiced turmeric tea is packed with an awesome array of organic ingredients that deliver a generous helping of golden turmeric, great for digestion and helping to support your immune system this winter. 

£3.19 from 100% Health 

3.Linwoods Milled Flaxseed With Bio Cultures And Vitamin D

Simply sprinkle it on your breakfast or add to a smoothie and let its goodness get to work Flaxseed is a rich source of the those all important essential Omega 3s and it’s great that it also contains Vitamin D which we’re all low on in the winter months. Also the bio cultures will get to work improving gut health! This little pack ticks a lot of boxes.

£6.47 from Barannes on Colomberie

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