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Get Back in the Saddle

On Friday 15th June 2018 in St. Helier, businesses will once more have the opportunity to compete and have a huge amount of fun whilst venting their corporate fury by settling a score in public, in safety and all for a brilliant cause – Prosperity Day. Prosperity Day#4, will be even BIGGER, we are inviting up to eighteen corporate rivals to take to the saddle once more and #VentYourFury #HeadToHead. Your teams will need to be able to ride a bike, shout for (at) each other and have fun – that is about the sum of it!

 Prosperity Day is the ultimate event to settle corporate rivalry from the safety of the saddle!

In 2017 we had 18 teams racing for pride and esteem, striving to take the top spot at our evening celebration event and lift the cherished Prosperity Cup.

Competition was fierce, both from race day performance and through fund raising activities (we run leaderboards for both and the winners have to perform exceedingly well on both fronts to have a chance of lifting the Cup). Last year’s final was hotly contested between Sure, Camerons and JT Global with Camerons taking the coveted trophy by comprehensively topping the fund raising leaderboard with a truly sterling performance which contributed to record funds for Teenage Cancer Trust and Durrell.

Why do we run Prosperity Day? Prosperity 24.7 isn’t a company who does CSR just to tick a box, we do it because being a part of our community is a critical part of who we are. We held Prosperity Day for the third time last year. The event saw 18 local businesses racing head to head with 54 riders on turbo trainers cycling up a stage of La Vuelta in Spain, raising £18,742. In just three years we’ve raised £50,699 for local charities which we believe has positively impacted more than 12,000 lives across the Islands – This is simply phenomenal and this is why we run Prosperity Day!

This year Prosperity 24.7 are supporting two incredible charities – The British Heart Foundation Jersey and Jersey Cheshire Home – both provide essential services to Islanders’ so we really want to make a major contribution with the support of all the teams and their friends, this is why:

Heart and circulatory disease is a huge burden on people in the Channel Islands and across the UK. Responsible for one in four deaths each year, it’s one of Jersey’s biggest killers. It’s a big problem, but with your help, we’re leading the fight against it.


Prosperity Day

BIG MAGGY’S have helped to source the Virtual Race hardware and software, are providing bikes for the day.

BARANNES are supporting on the day by providing refreshing fruit smoothies to ease aching bones from incredible levels of exertion!

SURE are helping the islands to connect, thanks to their 4G bandwidth which will ensure every business can track the efforts of their colleagues racing on the day.

JT provides remarkable support up to and on the day of Prosperity Day, through their robust fibre connectivity to Broad Street which in turn will ensure the required bandwidth is available for all the highly connected technology on the day.

BKOOL are helping Prosperity 24.7 to deliver such an incredibly innovative event – they provide outstanding Virtual Race technology globally

RACE NATION are supporting our event by providing a fantastic platform that solves the problem of donating to multiple Channel Island charities.


After the event there will be an awards ceremony for participants at the Museum Brasserie. This will be an opportunity to mingle with other competitors and celebrate the success of the event and rest those weary quads…



Funded the introduction of two BHF Specialist Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurses at Jersey Hospital between 2010 and 2013, both of whom are continuing their important roles at Jersey Hospital today.

Funded a new 3D Echo machine at Jersey Hospital in 2008.

As members of BHF’s UK Alliance Scheme, the BHF cardiac nurses, physiotherapist and 3D Echo Technician in Jersey receive specialist training and qualifications to help patients in Jersey.

Worked with Jersey Heart Support Group to organise local fundraisers and offer support to the local community.

The participants of Prosperity Day will get an added extra this year, thanks to Prosperity 24.7’s support we hope to bring a novel ‘heart bypass tent’ to the heart of St. Helier so participants can be monitored before and after their endeavours to get an impromptu health check up!



Jersey Cheshire Home is the only residential facility for physically disabled adults on the Island.

Demand for such services is growing and the charity is investing £2 million in a major extension and refurbishment project named the Big Build, which is due for completion in October.

The home provides 24/7 care and support to those living with a range of disabilities including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, Spina Bifida, Strokes and Head injuries. Some residents are victims of tragic accidents.

Our purpose built facility may only cater for a limited number of full time residents, but through our additional Day Care, Aquatherapy & Physiotherapy services we help over 400 people a month to manage and improve their condition.

Over the 30 plus years we have been operating our support staff have helped many hundreds of people with complex conditions to get through some extremely challenging times. Their dedication and commitment considerably benefits those we care for and creates the welcoming place our residents call home.



Your three team members will need to be able

to ride a bike for 10 minutes and agree to have fun! For the ‘Head to Head to Head’ there are only 18 slots available, 14 of which have been taken by Legal practices, Trust companies, Telecommunications businesses, Construction companies and Fitness centres. You will need to pay a registration fee of £600 (100% of which goes towards your fund raising total) and commit to raising a minimum of £500 for the charities – all funds raised are passed on equally between the charities as we strive to raise £24,700 once more.

Learn more and sign up at:

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