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Full of Grace

Grace Hoy

Age: 23

When did you start dancing?
When I was 2 ½

What is your favourite type of dancing?

Not many people know…
that I once danced for Mika dressed as a cow in pointe shoes!

Favourite dancing moment?
Relaxing in my dressing room and being given 5 minutes warning that I was needed on stage at the Royal Opera House during a performance of the Royal Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet. A dancer had suffered an injury and although I did not know her part I was thrown on stage anyway! A favourite, but stressful moment!

Favourite dance moves?
Anything vaguely involving a high kick.

Pet hate?
Pointe shoes that give me blisters!

Guilty Pleasure:
BBC Three’s ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’.

Secret to being good at dancing:
To always enjoy yourself when you are dancing. If you aren’t, the audience won’t enjoy watching you either!

What’s your favourite dancing phrase?
It has to be the classic; ‘Good toes, naughty toes!’

How can people get into dance in Jersey?
There are lots of fantastic dance schools for both children and adults in Jersey, catering for a wide variety of dance styles. I offer classes for children and adults in ballet, jazz, dance fitness and Pilates at a variety of locations across the island.

Upcoming Performances:
I will be dancing a classical ballet solo for Strictly Come Dancing’s ‘The Anton and Erin Show’, coming to Fort Regent on 13th May.

How are you preparing for it?
Cross training ballet with yoga and Pilates to improve my strength and flexibility, and having lots of fun designing my costume!

Want to know more about how to get into dancing in Jersey? Find more information on dance and how to contact Grace via  her website 

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